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Board of Governors Renison University College

  • REN RUC 6
  • Corporate body
  • 2008-

The Board of Governors functions as the elected (volunteer) governing body of Renison College. This parallel the governing structure of the University of Waterloo. In July 2008, the name and status of Renison College was changed to Renison University College.

Board of Governors Renison College

  • REN RUC 5
  • Corporate body
  • 1959-2008

The Board of Governors functions as the elected (volunteer) governing body of Renison College. This parallel the governing structure of the University of Waterloo. Records for the Board of Governors only go back to the 1970s, though in Bold and Courageous Dreams, Carl Dunker is listed as the Chair of the Board of Governors from 1959-1968.

Waterloo College

  • REN RUC 4
  • Corporate body
  • 1911-

The Evangelical Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo was founded in 1911. In 1914 the seminary began offering non theological course under the name Waterloo College School. In 1924, Waterloo College and became affiliated with Western University in 1925. In 1960, during the flurry of activity which created the University of Waterloo, the Evangelical Lutheran church in Canada relinquished control of the college so that it would be eligible for public funding. Waterloo college also ended its affiliation with Western University and became Waterloo Lutheran University. Wilfrid Laurier University was established by Wilfrid Laurier University Act 1973.

Renison University College

  • REN RUC 3
  • Corporate body
  • July 9, 2008-

Name and status of Renison College changed on July 9. 2008 by an act passed by the Ontario Legislature. In 2005 the College added a fourth building named the Academic Centre, followed by the east side expansion in 2013 and a new building for the English Language Centre in 2015. In addition to Social Development Studies, East Asian Studies, Religious Studies and a Bachelor's of Social Work degree, Renison University College also offers an online health focused Master's of Social Work degree.

Renison College

  • REN RUC 2
  • Corporate body
  • January 14, 1959-July 9, 2008

In October 1956, Bishop George Luxton of the Huron Diocese, asked the Rev. Harvey E. Southcott, then priest of the Church of the Holy Saviour in Waterloo, to act as chaplain to Anglican students attending Waterloo College (Now Wilfred Laurier University.) Also in 1956, Gerald Hagey, first lay president of Waterloo College envisioned the "Waterloo College Associate Faculties, a non-denominational science faculty affiliated with Waterloo College. The Rev. Southcott persuaded the Huron Diocese to consider the possibility of an Anglican College in Kitchener-Waterloo and in January 1957 Bishop Luxton called a meeting of the Great Chapter of the Deanery of Waterloo to discuss the purchase of land near Waterloo College, which passed with majority assent. In October 1958, the Waterloo Deanery approved the incorporation of a collegiate body and the purchase of 193 Albert street in Waterloo and assumed responsibility for raising the funds. On January 14th, 1959 the College received a charter under the Ontario Corporations Act of 1953. By January of 1965, the College had built it's second building, a men's residence. In 1968 then principal Wynn Rees encouraged the college to abandon the church college tradition of teaching general arts and instead develop a specialty in two interdisciplinary academic programs in International Studies and Applied Social Science paving the way for future specializations in Social Work, Social Development Studies, East Asian Studies and Studies in Islam. In 1989 Renison College offered it's first East Asian Studies courses. English for Academic Success programs started in the summer of 1994. In 1999, Renison College graduated it's first class in the Bachelor's of Social Work. The 2000's saw rapid expansion of the English Learning Institute (English as a second language) and in East Asian Studies courses. In July 2008, Renison College changed it's name to Renison University College

Administrative Group. Renison College

  • REN RUC 18
  • Corporate body
  • 01/1976-

A group of managers and executive members of Renison College who made decisions of an administrative nature for the College. Minutes are held from January 1976 to September 1976. Previous to 1976 the name was Officers of Renison College. No minutes are available past September 1976.

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